Probono Work

Giving back to the community is important to us and our team. We provide probono services to the following inspirational charities:

♦ SportInspired


SportInspired’s vision is of communities connected with energy and passion, where people enjoy being active. Their mission is to achieve this through fun and welcoming community programmes. They collaborate with local businesses, sports clubs, schools and councils, inspiring new connections, lifeskills and opportunities.

SportInspired recognise the need for locally owned and locally led solutions to apathy, anti-social behaviour and obesity. These solutions must be sustainable and not reliant on government funding for their success. These problems stem from activity level and feelings of connectedness, which is why this charity works to improve healthy minds, bodies and hearts.

With the help of communities and the charity’s unique and dedicated team, Sport Inspired has built a strong vision backed by big ambitions and careful planning to develop further.

♦ GravityLight

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GravityLight aim to deliver a product that will have a positive impact for people living without electricity. 1 in 7 people do not have access to electricity; an issue that has no fast solution. A large proportion of the world’s population within developing countries use Kerosene for lighting. This is not only inefficient, extremely dangerous and expensive, but also has extensive health and environmental drawbacks.

GravityLight is an innovative device that generates light from gravity. With extensive research this charity has discovered a product that costs nothing to run and doesn’t require batteries or sunlight. It takes seconds to lift the weight that powers GravityLight, creating 20 minutes of light on its descent.

GravityLight understands the need to approach this problem with long term, multi-faceted solutions. This charity works alongside the local economy by working through local distribution partners and sales agents, enabling people to earn a living through selling GravityLights and similar products.

♦ Rights Watch UK


Rights Watch UK works to promote just and accountable security by ensuring that the measures taken by the UK Government in pursuit of national security are compliant with human rights and international laws. They have over twenty-five years of experience of working in the field of national security: beginning in Northern Ireland and, since 9/11, in Great Britain and abroad.

Additionally, Rights Watch work to ensure that counter terrorism methods meet international and human rights law. They promote accountability for any individuals who have suffered human rights abuse as a result of government conduct during conflict or counter terrorism operations.

Rights Watch UK brings litigation to both domestic and international courts as a means of challenging unlawful practices in the field of national security. They provide research and analytical assistance to assist the Court in upholding human rights standards.

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