Internal Audit

The role of an internal audit is to provide independent assurance that your organisation’s risk management governance and internal control processes is operating effectively.

We have qualified, skilled and experienced people who provide an unbiased, objective view and work in accordance with the Code of Ethics and International Standards.

We examine the wider issues such as your organisation’s reputation, growth, the impact on the environment and the way employees are treated.

In short, we help organisations to succeed through a combination of assurance and consulting. This involves discussing with organisations how well the systems and processes are working and advising the best course of action to help improve those systems and processes where necessary.

External audit Internal audit
Reports to Shareholders or members The board and senior management within the organisations’ governance structure
Objectives Add credibility and reliability to financial reports Evaluate and improve the effectiveness of governance, risk management and control processes
Coverage Financial reports, financial reporting risks All categories of risk and their management, including reporting on them
Responsibility for improvement None, however there is a duty to report problems Improvement is fundamental to the purpose of internal auditing

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