Interning with Upstreamly: Our Progress


Upstreamly have decided to participate in the University of Exeter’s London Internship Scheme and have taken on two interns for a 4 week period. Here is what the girls have to say about what they have learn’t and their progress this week.

Olivia, 22 and Marie, 21

We have noticed that our previous blog was focused mainly around the amazing food and offices we visited, so we decided to dedicate this one to the progress we have made. Both Olivia and I started this internship with only a general knowledge of advertising and marketing, but I think it is fair to say that in only one week we have come a long way.

Our tasks for the next month are comprised of re-launching the website and giving it a whole new make-over. At first the thought of re-creating a website was daunting, but we threw ourselves into it and watched several word-press tutorials. After playing around with various features and a frustrating struggle to find the social media icons, everything came together and we have re-launched a super snazzy website, including ALL you need to know about the services available, easy access to social media, about Upstreamly and how to contact us (plus really pretty pictures).

As students and avid social media users, we created several social media platforms, and immediately improved the company’s online presence and followership (we couldn’t think of the right word). We used our top stalker skills to understand what is the best way for a chartered accountants company to gain the appropriate, target readership. We have seen such a difference already, with viewings of the website starting from 12 in one week to 168 in our first week (please bear in mind we may have contributed to this a fair bit).

Olivia and I have also made a lot of progress in researching advertising opportunities with Oil and Gas magazines/newsletters both online and paper. I was quite nervous for the first phone call, but I learnt that the trick was to just pretend you know everything and act super confident. It seemed to pay off, as by the end of the week, we had a number of discounted offers to choose from.

We have also spent a lot of time researching how to write the best blog and what SEO’s are best to use in the accounting and tax world.

Apart from a few challenges (mainly the stuffy tubes) the first week was a success. In only 5 days, we have learnt so much about making a website and promoting a business. We have gone from in-experienced students to professional, confident marketing assistants.

Stay tuned for our next blog on Friday for all you need to know about accounting for decommissioning provision under IFRS.

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