Interning with Upstreamly: our first week

Upstreamly have decided to participate in the University of Exeter’s London Internship Scheme and have taken on two interns for a 4 week period. Here’s what the girls have to say about their first week:

Olivia, 22 and Marie, 21

Starting our internship during a week long heatwave was far from ideal but luckily the days of stuffy offices are a thing of the past. Our main base is at 12 Hay Hill, a luxury business club and offices in the heart of Mayfair. After the initial introductions and setting out the aims for the next 4 weeks, we were very kindly treated to a welcome lunch at their Michelin Star restaurant on the ground floor.

It certainly beat getting a meal deal from the local shop!!




We couldn’t resist the parfait! And yes, it did taste as good as it looks!

       Highlight of the day: the food!

Our second day on the job was working at the WeWork offices in Shoreditch. An uber trendy building with high tech gadgets and free coffee on tap (winner!!). Whilst Amir was meeting a client, Kitchen8, we started learning the basics for building a website and carried out research on blog posts and advertising. Marie had her first professional call as a “marketing associate” and managed to get a deal within the first 15 minutes.

Lunch was a little more casual than the first day, sitting on the roof terrace of a pub round the corner from WeWork, it was far too hot to walk very far!

Highlight of the day: experiencing such a different work environment.


Wednesday we went to the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Moorgate – a very different setting than the day before. Once we found the building (following some confusion about tube exits), we were very glad to be there. As the hottest day of the year, we were very glad to be in a building with such great air conditioning and comfy seats!

Highlight of the day: the iced coffee which was as thick as ice-cream and soooo yummy!

Thursday we had our first ever professional photographs taken by Andrew Lunn (see for more details). This was a daunting experience but rewarding once we saw the results! The pictures were taken down the corridors of the WeWork building in Moorgate, they looked super professional and after lots of airbrushing we are sure to be in the running for Britain’s Next Top Model ;).

Friday will mark the end of our first week as interns for Upstreamly – hopefully Amir is happy with the work we have done so far!

Stay tuned for the next update…we promise that the next one will be more about the work and less about the food!!

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  1. Love this. Looking forward to hearing about your second week with Amir and all the Upstreamly news!

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